Photos from our latest school murder mystery! July 2022 saw Murder One return to a school where we’d already performed 4 murder mystery activity days in the past! This year’s events were for the whole of Year 7, split over two days. Eight professional actors with a wealth of experience in Theatre In Education formed the rogues gallery of suspects. The whodunnits were designed to promote team building, communication skills and problem solving. All information on these unique events can be found here.

A murder is announced:

A murder is announced

Students question the suspects up close and personal:

Evidence is studied:

The interactive, immersive murder enquiry is underway:

Students indicate who they think is guilty or innocent during the infamous ‘Walk Of Shame’ before forming juries to discuss their findings and attempting to reach a unanimous verdict:

Students were called upon to adapt their behaviour to suit different situations and had to collaborate to advance their enquiries. This fun, exciting educational experience helped build valuable confidence, communication and social skills. In addition the events developed independent learning with a view to students functioning more effectively within their peer groups and the school as they head into Year 8 next term.

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Parents/guardians of the students gave permission for all photos.

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  • Nigel
    Posted April 5, 2023 at 12:22 pm

    Up there with my favourites! I can’t wait to get back to this awesome venue and the kids and staff there!

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