Our School Murder Mystery Events are fully immersive and tailored for students in years 6 to 13. The focus is on problems solving, communication and teambuilding skills. They are also perfect for Enrichment Opportunities, Induction Days, Transition Activities and summer schools.

Participants are called upon to adapt their behaviour to suit different situations. Teams collaborate to advance their enquiries as they interrogate 8 suspects played by professional actors who have vast experience in T.I.E.

The students form juries where they try to influence others or balance diverse views as to who is guilty. They’re then challenged to reach a verdict. Presentation skills are then called upon as they share their findings.

“Thanks again for an excellent few days. Students and staff were still buzzing on Friday and we’ve had some lovely feedback from parents who’ve never seen their children so animated from a day in school. Hope we get to work with you guys again” – Simon Wallace, Deputy in English/ Head of Drama, St George’s School, Harpenden – 2 days for Y8 and 2 days for Y10, 2022

Each team evaluates the evidence at its own pace, regularly regrouping to discuss its findings and decide how best to proceed.

This fun, exciting and educational experience will help build valuable confidence, communication and social skills. In addition the events develop independent learning with a view to students functioning more effectively within their peer groups and the school.

Events usually last a full day, taking place in one large hall or gym, transformed into a major incident room. The Murder Mystery is totally interactive with maximum participants of 120.

Photos from a July 2022 event for Year 7s can be found on our blog here.

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“During your whodunnit the students returned to their learning targets and engaged in a variety of tasks. This enabled them to gather evidence to show that they’d improved. It was a fantastic success! Students were able to show that they’d become better leaders, others to show fairness to team members and others to develop listening skills and gain confidence in putting ideas forward” Gemma Woffinden, Head of Drama, Brigshaw High School, Leeds

“The pupils were engaged and motivated throughout the day and event wanted to continue their investigations during their lunch break!” Frances Wilson, Deputy Head, Small Heath School, Birmingham

“From the moment you and your company arrived I was impressed with your focus and commitment. The murder mystery was fabulous – sensationally delivered and we’ll definitely be having you back!” Richard Waring, Head of PSHE, St Bede’s School, East Sussex

“Your 4th murder mystery event here was fantastic as ever. All our Y10 students were completely engrossed. An excellent way to develop problem solving, communication and teamwork skills”. Helen Thomas, Head Of Year, Tadcaster Grammar School

“The students raved about how fun, active and cognitively-demanding the detective work was! This proved to be the best induction event we’ve offered students!” Lindsay Brook, Head of Sixth Form, Hansen School, Bradford

“As teachers we’re so used to leading the children – but as they got into this event we were able to move back and just oberve them. Solving this murder naturally prompted their logical thinking, deductive work, and speaking and listening skills”. Liz Siwek, Assistant Head, St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Keighley

“Once again you really got the students into the skills we wished them to exhibit but in a subliminal manner. Comments still coming in from students include ‘Best curriculum day we’ve ever had’ and ‘It made me work with people I didn’t know and I enjoyed it’.” Mr M. Keeling, Senior Teacher, Tuxford Comp, Notts

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