Murder Mystery In Newcastle

Are you looking for a Murder Mystery event in Newcastle? Or indeed any other city, town or location of your choice?

Individuals, couples and small groups may wish to book onto one of our ‘public events‘. These dates are continually updated as and when venues book us.

For all other private events – either in Newcastle or another location of your choosing – see here.  You decide the crime scene, and we’ll come to you to stage the perfect murder!

Our whodunnits are totally interactive/immersive and yet no one is required to role-play. Our professional actors play the suspects. You are encouraged to interrogate them face to face, however defensive and evasive they are! Or you can simply follow and eavesdrop upon them, and study the visual clues in the incident room!

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As well as hundreds of public, private and corporate events throughout Britain, Murder One have been flown to India to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, and recently performed for major business leaders across Pakistan. Clients have also included the James Bond stunt team at Pinewood Studios and The Royal Navy on HMS Sultan.

For video testimonials from previous guests see below!