North Lincolnshire Murder Mystery

Murder One are delighted to be staging a WhoDunnit Murder Mystery event at Healing Manor, Grimsby, North Lincolnshire..

Plot : tbc.
The Event :

The event is totally interactive, but you’re not required to role play. Professional actors play the characters and you’re encouraged to question the suspects at your table, follow and eavesdrop upon them. An intriguing array of evidence is displayed around the function room – now turned into a major incident room! At the conclusion of the event, brave volunteers are invited to sum up their case before all is revealed!

For further info, or to book, contact the incident room on: +44 (0) 1472 884544 or email events@healingmanorhotel.co.uk before it’s too late!

Warning : Though huge fun, our realistic events do contain adult themes and language and may not be suitable for those of a nervous or sensitive disposition. Likewise they may not be considered appropriate for those under the age of 18, without parental consent. If anyone has any concerns about content or triggers please feel free to contact our script writing team on info@murder-one.com or call 07963 72 22 33 for clarification.

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