Dale started his acting career at the age of 29. He has progressed his career with TV credits, immersive theatre and Theatre in Education. He’s also a repeat main member of the the official ‘The Polar Express’ train ride. Dale is a Yorkshire born n bred Spotlight-registered actor, currently working on his photography journey, as well as screenwriting to advance his knowledge and experience with the industry. His non-bias review on Murder One is “Murder One have brought out something in me that I never though I could achieve when it comes to confidence with off-the-cuff, immersive acting. The team around me is second to none”!

A little more about Dale:

As well as acting he is also a self-employed printer. In addition he involves himself in a bit of woodworking, crafting and general DIY.

Fun Fact:

Golden Globe winner & nominee, and Miss GB 1950, Anne Heywood, is Dale’s great-great Auntie.

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